Meet Yvette

Since a young age, Yvette has prepared herself for the healthcare field. She became a clinical pharmacist and although she loves working with patients, it wasn’t until she was able to start planning her own wedding that she realized what business path would bring her pure joy. She not only got to marry a pretty great guy, but she was also able to find every excuse in the book to create customized gifts for her bridesmaids and the rest of the wedding party. Each month leading up to the wedding, bridesmaids received surprise bridesmaid gifts boxes with hand written notes. The perfectly curated gift, however big or small, that gives someone on the receiving end that extra surprise and smile is what makes her day. It was from this feeling that Kismet Crafted was created.

Kismet Crafted

Say goodbye to scrambling for ideas, last-minute ordering, and messy DIY that doesn’t look anything like you imagined. We turn hectic shopping into heartfelt giving, so you can feel good about what you gift.

Kismet Crafted is an artisan gift boutique based in Denver, Colorado. Our thoughtfully curated gifts feature locally-inspired and small business products to delight your guests with gratitude. Whether they’ve flown across the world to be with you on your wedding day, or simply supported your business behind the scenes, our gifts deliver greetings and gratitude in style.

We love to personalize sweet surprises for special events like weddings, baby and bridal showers, corporate retreats or holiday gatherings. Select one-of-a-kind products from our expertly curated lineup, or let us craft something just for you. We’ll help you give with joy.